The best kind of Food Fight...with bragging rights!

Burger Bracket Challenge Case Study

Name something people are more passionate about than their food? Ok, MAYBE family, friends and their beloved 12 year old Terrier, Peaches, but you know rounding out that Top 5 is DEFINITELY food....especially when it comes to a DYNAMO Hamburger. Ancient artifacts have been found depicting elaborate jousting tournaments to determine which beef patty should reign supreme in the kingdom. I may have made all of that up, but you get the picture. Why not build a campaign where your fans can be just as engaged as your clients?

  • Unlimited opportunities for sponsors
  • Not only each burger joint in the bracket
  • Location Sponsor for tasting the burgers each day
  • Beverage sponsor to wash down the delicious burger
  • Online/On-Air sponsor
  • Condiments, Desserts, Grocery Stores, Kitchenware


Download the full Case Study here!