The Power of Money

Close with Cash!

Financial clients are always looking for very creative, unique, out-of-the-box ideas with which to align their brand. Whether it's a local event or on-air/online promotion, there are unlimited possibilities for banks, credit unions, pay day loan stores and more. AND, it doesn't just stop with the sponsorships! Financial Institutions love to "partner" with the station by providing the cash prizing. You could turn a promotional campaign it into a local scholarship feature, cash grab daily contest or charity donation angle. Depending on what your client is looking to accomplish, the financial category is extremely versatile! Check out our Case Studies here.

Mortgage for a Year

Mortgage or Rent Giveaway 

Getting the most out of your promotion

This one definitely has the power to sound much bigger on-air and online than it actually costs you which becomes a win/win...Read More.

Jingle Ball Case Study