WTOP's Junior Reporter Contest

Cute Kids, Community and Cash!

This campaign has it all! The Junior Reporter contest, demonstrates an effective way to engage the local community in an entertaining competition while increasing exposure for a local learning center. Not only were the submissions high quality, but there was 2 cash prizes; 1 awarded to the great junior reporter and the other awarded to their respective school. WTOP sold in one main sponsor, but this contest could have multiple sponsors and different levels including:

  • Educational/Learning Centers
  • Libraries
  • Additional media: newspapers, radio, blogs
  • Kid-Centric stores; clothing, teaching toys, desserts, shoes, games/gaming
  • Amusement Parks, Arcades

Types and levels of sponsorship:

  • Title/Presenting
  • Online (within the contest template)
  • On Air during Promotional segments
  • Specific Daily/Weekly
  • On Location for Prize Announcement

Junior Reporter2


Download the Full Case Study here!