Making the Most of the Medical Category

Medical Care is something NO ONE can live without. Tying in a local medical care facility to a local campaign is a great opportunity for the client to align their brand with something positive, energetic and up beat. It allows them the freedom to show their "playful" side while still building trust with a community that may not have been as familiar with all of their offerings. Sponsoring station promotions provides them a platform to inform the local audience in a more relatable atmosphere. 

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Clevelands Cutest Baby

Cleveland's Cutest Baby

Multi-Sponsor Opportunity

Who doesn't love a battle of the cutest baby? For those in the target demographic... Read More.

Win a Baby

Win a Baby

Reproductive Center Sponsorship

As a taboo topic in the past, this has become an extremely well received and popular promotion...Read More.

Baycare Unmonsters Case Study

Baycare Unmonsters

Children's Hospital Needs Help with Messaging

This local Children's Hospital was looking to increase exposure and awareness for their Game App...Read More.