Cabin Fever Home Makeover

Fans enter to win a makeover for their entire home, one room in their house, or a gift card to a furniture store.

Cash Giveaway

Listeners will enter to win cash.



Grocery Delivery Giveaway

Listeners will enter to win a gift card for a grocery delivery service.


Home Reno Giveaway

Enter to win a makeover for their entire home, one room in their house, or a gift card to a home furniture store.



Senior Spotlight

Use this Gallery to showcase graduating seniors in your community and feature their accomplishments. Celebrate those whose graduation festivities have been canceled.


Entertain your audience by asking them to submit photos of who or why they are staying home during this time.


Fact or Fiction

Entertain your fans by having them take this quiz to test their knowledge of COVID-19 and help to dispel any rumors.



Best Local Take-Out

Run an engaging poll to give your community a voice on their favorite take out restaurants. Plus feature current services and information about each one!  

Best Netflix Original

Warning! This could cause social media fodder overload! Many people are extremely passionate about their favorite shows. Run a survey and let the games begin! 


Favorite Local Small Business

Listeners will vote for their favorite local small business in this quick poll. Share this information with the local businesses or use it to offer them future promotions. 

Grocery Delivery Giveaway
Grocery Delivery Giveaway

Listeners enter to win a gift card for a grocery delivery service.


Grocery Gift Card

Enter to win a gift card to a local grocery store and/or for grocery delivery service.


Cabin Fever Home Makeover

Listeners can enter to win a makeover for their entire home, one room in their house, or a gift card to a home furniture store.

Healthcare Heroes

The Audience submits photos of Healthcare Heroes within their community. The Gallery serves as a way to highlight/showcase those on the front lines. 

Cutest Co-Worker

With most people working from home, listeners are spending more time with their pets. Show off the cute “co-workers” with this fun Gallery!


Cabin Fever Makeover

Listeners submit photos of rooms in their house that they would like remodeled or made over. Perfect for local furniture or home furnishing stores.


How are you Social Distancing?

Find out how creative your audience has become by asking them to take a poll on how they’ve been social distancing so far. 


How Are You Keeping Your Kids Entertained?

This poll lets parents submit how their dealing with staying at home during social distancing, and maybe give other parents new ideas!

Best Quarantine Snack Food

Everyone is expecting to gain the “Quarantine 15.” Why not amplify this reality by running a survey to find out the best snack food to quarantine with!


Favorite Artist or Band

Provide your fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite artist or band of all time by running a poll.  Winner could receive tickets to a future show or maybe even a social media shoutout from their pick!

Grocery Gift Card
Grocery Gift Card

Enter to win a gift card to a local grocery store.


Restaurant Giveaway

Fans enter to win a gift card to a local restaurant for take out, curbside or delivery.

Cash Giveaway

Enter to win cash.



Support Local Businesses

Feature local business and share their current information, EG: hours, current services offered, etc. This Gallery serves as a one stop shop landing page for all local #StayHome services.

Battle of the Bands

Great for music stations to engage listeners right now by having them vote for their favorite bands or artists in this Head to Head Gallery contest.


GoodNewsPromo Grid 600x600
Share Some Good News

Ask fans to share uplifting stories by submitting Good News happening in their communities. This Gallery serves as a bright spot in the social media scrolling and information overload most are receiving today.

OpenForBizPromo Grid 600x600
Open For Business

How many local businesses have remained open in your community? This survey allows local companies to submit their information and let fans know the parameters of their current services.

Best Show on Netflix

Agreeing on the best show on Netflix causes divides between even the closest of friends and family. Let your audience decide by running a survey to determine the best show on Netflix!

Favorite Local Small Business

Engage and entertain your fans by allowing them to vote for their favorite local small business. Highlight the winner or all of them to increase community support.