Everyone is living online right now. What are you doing to capture your audience's attention?

Here's a list of different promotional ideas to run NOW!

Templates are available for you to use in the Aptivada Admin



  • Grocery Delivery Gift Card
  • Pizza Delivery Gift Card
  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • App Store Gift Card
  • XBox Live Gift Card
  • Benefits:
    • Simple & Quick to Create


  • Fact vs. Fiction on COVID-19
  • Finish the TV Theme Song Lyric
  • What TV Series Should You Binge?
  • Benefits:
    • Real Time Results
    • Relevant and entertaining


covidPromo Grid 600x600

Head-to-Head Matchups

  • Most Binge-Worthy Show
  • Best Local Take-Out Food
  • Benefits:
    • High Audience Engagement
    • Long Promotional Run Period


  • Favorite Local Small Businesses
  • Favorite Local Pizza Place
  • Best Snack Food
  • Favorite Microwave Meal
  • Benefits:
    • Timely Engagement
    • Original Audience Feedback


  • Home Office Makeover
  • Cutest (Pet) Co-Worker
  • Most Creative Kid Crafts
  • Benefits:
    • High Audience Engagement
    • Long Promotional Run Period
    • Topical, Timely


  • How are you Social Distancing?
  • How are you keeping your kids entertained?
  • Benefits:
    • Real Results
    • Create Conditionals to segment answers and serve sponsor opportunities based on feedback